client case studies

Client "A"

This was a particularly difficult situation to deal with.  We were invited to tender for a contract by a client who was experiencing problems with their incumbent agency.  
The contract involved the transfer of temporary staff to us, however the client was very concerned that they were going to be charged for transferring staff over by the incumbent.  We worked closely with this client, advising them on the regulations surrounding the transfer of temporary staff from one agency to another.  Liaising between the DTI, the client and ourselves we assured the client that there would be no come back to them by way of charges from the incumbent agency.   
We were successful with our tender and began working towards the transfer of temporary staff.  In order to cause minimal disruption to the workforce we went on site and held various meetings and workshops with the temporary workforce; who were very nervous and unsure of the processes involved.  We worked with the workforce to ensure a smooth transition over to ourselves and managed the whole process onsite so as not to interrupt their work.   
Several problems were highlighted to us by our client.  One of whom was attention to detail and the following of instruction due to the fact that the workforce were predominantly foreign workers.  The solution we came up with was to evaluate all current staff on their understanding of written English, also to test and evaluate all new staff prior to commencement on site.  This has proven to be very successful in so much as the communication issues have greatly improved. 
 As the client started to increase their headcount all staff were to be inducted prior to starting work.  This was fine until the person responsible for this had an enforced absence.  As a result of this the client could no longer take any new starters to cover the increase in work load.  The solution we provided was simple but very effective.  We offered to take ownership of the induction process and now hold regular weekly inductions on site.  As a result of this we are now in a position to supply much needed staff on site.

Client "B"

This particular client came to us 2 days before a very important job came online.  
We were given 24 hours to recruit 50 staff to complete a re work assignment for a third party.  The work itself had to be completed within a 3 week window or the Company would face financial penalties as per their contract. The work was manually intensive and involved the use of power tools to dis-assemble, re work, then re-assemble furniture.  
Our solution was simple.  On day 1 we went on site to establish exactly what was required, in other words understand the job.  We offered to place a supervisor onsite who would do the work but also motivate the team so that they achieved their daily targets.  The client saw the benefit of this and agreed to the supervisor.  We also advised the client recruit through us a carpenter as we saw this as vital given the product.  The client again saw the benefits to this and agreed.  The carpenter and supervisor worked together with the client to ensure the quality and quantity of work was maintained throughout the day.  A member of our team was on hand from 06:00 - 08:00 and 14:00 - 16:00 daily to ensure all staff arrived safely and got on with their work with the minimal amount of disruption.  
As a result of these actions being implemented the work was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.