Managed services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The outsourcing of staff in the recruitment industry is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), you may know it as a "Managed Service" It involves an employer transferring all or part of its recruitment process to a recruitment partner that is independent from the business. It is particularly effective when multiple roles need to be filled over a short period of time and then as an ongoing business solution. This will usually be by way of a single source supplier as opposed to a preferred supplier list or master vendor.

An integrated solution or a complete solution?

The provider can take over all aspects of a recruitment process, from assessing the business needs, and managing legislation compliance through to workforce planning, and contingency planning. Essentially the provider takes ownership of the entire recruitment process. This approach has a wide range of benefits to the client including the ability to recruit multiple roles across different locations. It can offer time and cost savings, recruitment expertise, and experience plus reduce pressure on departments which were not designed to manage such high level recruitment demands.

Another approach to RPO is to integrate the provider into a company HR department to offer additional resource at times of high demand. Many companies that partner with an RPO already have  established HR teams that are capable of running the recruitment processes but are faced with larger scale tasks which require more resource. The RPO provider can offer a bespoke solution which fits the particular requirements of any given client. This could be via a team of recruiters based off site or working on site which allows the client an even closer working arrangement.

What makes a good RPO provider?

A good RPO provider should be more than just a "booking filler". Your RPO should have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a bespoke recruitment solution which has the flexibility to move with your ever changing needs. The RPO should never be the one cap fits all solution.  A professional RPO provider should work with you and understand and assess each specific business need and offer a solution tailored to meet them. They should use their knowledge to offer a pro active service and have the ability to see potential pitfalls and opportunities before they arise. They should be able to offer unique approaches, technologies, cost-savings, and process improvements which will assist the client to reach their targets. The RPO provider should be a partner with client and work together to achieve common goals.

Solutions Recruitment Limited outsourcing

The Solutions Recruitment Limited RPO will allow you to utilise the knowledge, systems and expertise gained from our dedicated team of recruitment consultants and resourcers. We will become your recruitment partner of choice and offer you a tailored and comprehensive service which will meet your recruitment objectives at many levels across all parts of your business.